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University of Lower Silesia

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Study B.A. Programme in 3d Animation and Visual Effects for Film and Games.

  • Practically oriented curriculum

  • Internships under the wings of developers of worldwide recognizable games and animations (Techland, Thunderbull Ent., DashDot Creations, Ten Square Games, Juice, Picadillla)

  • Up to date equipment and software

  • Vibrant community of professionals and researchers

  • Rapidly developing Wroclaw with tones of working opportunities in creative industries

  • Start-up culture, professional events, international atmosphere

  • Erasmus semester programmes and up to one year internships in the animation, VFX and game design oriented Universities and studios from all over European countries.

We offer a unique 3 years B.A. Programme in 3d Animation and Visual Effects for Film and Games (over 2000 academic hours). The curriculum reflects 3 stages of game and movie production pipelines: preproduction, production and postproduction. It also takes into account the specificity of animation and VFX for games and for movies. The core 3d graphics, animation and digital postproduction courses are enriched by attractive programming, art and interactive communication classes that provide fundamentals of graphic and interactive design, game engines, history of visual media, games and animation, etc.

The programme prepares for following occupations:

  • 3D Character Animator

  • Concept artist

  • Modeler

  • 3d generalist

  • Matte Painter

  • 3D Tracking Artist

  • Rotoscope Artist

  • Lighting/Rendering Artist

  • Effect Animator

  • Compositor

  • Mocap specialist

Courses given:

General Classes:

  • Introduction to artificial intelligence

  • Fundamentals of Graphic Design

  • History of Art.

  • Introduction to drawing and painting

  • Visual Communication

  • Law in design and production

  • User experience design1

  • User experience design2

  • Introduction to directing and acting techniques

  • Film language and camera shooting

  • Introduction to entrepreneurship

  • Media education and children media

  • Media art

Major Courses

  • Concept Arts and Storyboards

  • Fundamentals of Sound Production

  • Cultural contexts of interactive media

  • Project managements methods

  • Group communication

  • History of Visual and Interactive Media

  • Storytelling i story design

  • Motion capture workshop

  • Computer Mediated Communication and Cyberactivism

  • Professional Workshop1

  • Professional Workshop2

3d Animation and VFX Courses:

  • History of Animation and VFX

  • 2d graphics for film and games

  • 3d Graphics fundamentals

  • Introduction to Character Design

  • Stereoscopy and virtual Scenographies1

  • Stereoscopy and virtual Scenographies2

  • Animatics

  • Environment, interior and objects modelling

  • Character modelling

  • Environment, interior and objects texturing, mapping and shading

  • Character texturing, mapping and shading

  • Rigging

  • Lighting and rendering

  • 3d animation fundamentals

  • Character animation for film

  • Character animation for games

  • Particles and physics

  • Mechanisms and vehicles animation

  • Motion design

  • Matte Painting and 2,5d techniques

  • VFX for film

  • VFX for games

  • Postproduction – compositing

  • Postproduction – video editing

  • Postproduction – sound editing

  • Postproduction – authoring

  • Performance capture workshop

  • Scriptwriting

  • 3d scanning and reconstruction

  • Team project

  • 3d graphics and animation for the web

  • Film and animation production and distribution

  • Aerial photography and cinematography


Admission starts March 15th and ends July 10th. Tuition: 2500 Euro per academic year More info: – when you have further questions about the Programme – when you wish to enrol and be carefully guided from your country to our campus (enrolment procedure, documents, invitations, visas, etc.)

See: for more information about University of Lower Silesia and enrolment

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